Login logo display 2 times. one time in portrait and one time in landscape

I try to change default NVIDIA logo with my own.
Logo changed ok, but i don’t know why it display 2 times. one time in portrait and one time in landscape. Please check video.

i just want portrait display only.

how can i fix it?
Thank. :)

The second one is probably not the cboot logo. Did you ever change any png/jpg file in rootfs?

the image in video is /usr/share/backgrounds/NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png
i replaced NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png with my own.

Then which one do you want? The cboot one or the one shown up along with desktop?

thank for reply.

i only want display Logo in portrait (first time only).

Then just remove the png file.

thank for reply.
portrait and lanscape display both using /usr/share/backgrounds/NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png.
remove NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png will remove display in portrait (but i need this display)

So from the beginning you are not using the cboot logo? Do you understand what I mean cboot logo?

do you mean cboot display in early boot step ? cboot changed by write bmp.blob in recovery mode?
if so, i changed with my own (separate image).

Only that cboot logo is our feature. The later one you see as /usr/share/backgrounds/NVIDIA_Login_Logo.png is the wallpapaer function provide by ubuntu.

Maybe you can search over the Internet and see how to configure it.

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