Long compilation time with CUDA 5.0

As with Linux, when I try to compile my project in Visual Studio it takes something like 30 minutes in release mode and 20 seconds in debug mode. What have you changed since CUDA 4.0?

Please file a bug (bug form is linked from the registered developer website), attaching a self-contained repro case. From your description it seems that one of the optimization passes is using an excessive amount of time, as buid times of 30 minutes are clearly excessive. You may be able to narrow it down a bit by observing which compiler executable has the lengthy run time, e.g. cicc or ptxas.

In general, lengthy build times result from lengthy codes interacting with certain compiler passes. Common scenarios that create large intermediate codes are function inlining (including functions from the CUDA math library), aggressive loop unrolling, and large number of template instances. Often these are further exacerbated by the need to build fat binaries for four to five different target architectures. In these cases the original source code may be quite compact, but the code balloons to tens or even hundreds of thousands of statements once fully expanded.

There are usually many changes between CUDA versions (e.g. new types of optimizations), so only the analysis of a repro case can pinpoint the exact reason why your build time increased dramatically. For comparison, what were the build times of your code with CUDa 4.0?

For CUDA 4.0 the compilation time was about 20 seconds for both release and debug mode.

I have already sent all the code and a Nvidia employee confirmed the problem. That was in November I think, I’m still waiting…

I have the same issue. I see a process “cicc” running for long time.
Is this issue fixed? if not can someone point me to the bug ticket?

As far as I know, bug reports in the NVIDIA bug database are not public and only visible to the person who filed them. So only wanderine could tell us whether the issue he/she reported has been addressed.

@Waruna: I would not assume that your issue is the same as the one reported by wanderine. There are many different compiler phases, and as far as I can tell from past compile time issues that I am aware of, different phases were implicated in different instances. The only thing these cases typically have in common is that the code (after inlining and unrolliong) is quite large. I ran into a previously unkown issue with lenghty compile time (20 minutes spent in cicc, on a fast machine) a couple of weeks back.

I would suggest filing a bug, using the bug reporting form linked from the registered developer website. Please attach self-contained code that can repro the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you file a bug, the compiler team may be able to suggest a workaround that lets you be more productive again.