Long lived/short lived branches incorrect on download page?

Looking at the Unix Driver download page, here:


It would seem that the long-lived branch (shown as 384.59) should actually be 375.82.

As I understand it, 384.59 is the short-lived branch

Also, no GTX 1030 support in 375.82? That’s… disappointing.

Thanks for reporting that. I’ll get the page fixed.

My apologies! I misread the email and got the wrong status for 384.59. 384 is actually the new long-lived branch. 375.82 is just another release in what is now the old long-lived branch.

Aha… good news! Many thanks!

Hi there,

Can you please explain or point to a resource on the long-lived/short-lived drivers? How do we learn when one has been promoted from short-lived to long-lived, rather than just someone having made a mistake on the site? Also, how should one figure out what driver version is the minimum for a release of CUDA?

375 appears to no longer be the long-lived driver, despite just having seen it listed a few weeks ago, and 384 is nowhere to be found now. Is there some sort of development cycle I could look at to help me make good choices and provide information to our user community about what we’ll be doing when?

I have a system where I have to maintain compatibility with range of driver cards and compiled software, eg. M2070 to V100, software compiled with CUDA 7.x-9.x. We also can’t constantly be manipulating NVIDIA driver versions. Is there a way for me to find out what’s recommended?

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