Looking for Tesla shader cache maximum and settings documentation

Hello NVidia denizens

I have a need in headless Ubuntu Linux Tesla environment to determine the currently configured maximum shader cache size. Driver version is 510 - 515

For Tesla I seek any documentation on cache maximum size and available cache settings.

I am using Tesla and OpenGL 3 Shader Cache on Linux. There are no active faults. I’m looking at optimisation and planning.


This is a driver feature with no Tesla specific settings, controlled by environment variables. Please see this:

Driver default shader cache settings is what I’m after - the main interest is driver default maximum cache size for the system or driver version.

Envars are useful for setting but are not present by default. The “OpenGL Shader Disk Cache” section of the document does not reveal the default.

Thank you once again generix!

IIRC, it’s a bit complex due to backwards compatible settings. If ~/.nv exist, the old 128MB are applied, if the new ~/.config/.nv (or similar) is used, 1024MB. Something like that. Somewhere in the forum, there’s a post by aplattner, explaining things.

Thank you, located post here for 460 branch

Increased the default size for new OpenGL/Vulkan Shader Disk Cache location to 1024MB. Note that caches with paths containing "/.nv/ will continue to use the previous default of 128MB unless the size is manually overridden. For more information see the “OpenGL Shader Disk Cache” section in the “Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings” chapter of the README.

Cache path for my systems appears to be …\nvidia\GLCache. I will assume 1024MB based on spec above.

A future project will be finding a method to use nvidia-settings without X, for inspection of this value, assuming nvidia-settings can inspect this value. There are guides for nvidia-settings in headless mode. Unfortunately they all rely on X being present on the system.

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