Lossless AV1 encoding

The reference AV1 implementation libaom supports lossless encoding. Does the NVENC on Orin support lossess AV1 encoding as well?

We are generally interested in lossless encoding of 8, 10 or 12 bit grayscale video.

Sorry NO, it’s not supported at Orin.

Do you plan to use with other lossless encoding e.g. h264,h265 ?

Yes we are not bound to AV1. We can use any other video codec, as long as it is lossless. As far as I know from digging this forum, Xavier only supports “real” lossless encoding for H264 YUV444. That is not grayscale, so not applicable for us. Therefore I was wondering if the new AV1 codec in Orin’s new encoder would support lossless.

It would be generally interesting to hear about the lossless capabilities of Orin. Is it now possible to do e.g. H265 GRAY8 losslessly?

Generally, is there any official documentation about the lossless modes? Searching for “lossless” in the MMAPI reference yields no results.

E.g the video_encode sample does setConstantQp(0), but this apparently only works for H264 YUV444. Is this documented anywhere? Do you have any other helpful resources you could point to?


For lossless encoding/decoding, please refer to this post:
Can tx2nx decode YUV444? - #3 by DaneLLL

The supported format is YUV444. GRAY8 is actually the Y plane of YUV444. So a possible solution is to put GRAY8 data into Y plane and not to use the U, V planes. So that you can encode into lossless h265 stream. After decoding, can extract only Y plane from YUV444 to get the GRAY8 data.

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