Low Power Optimisation

We will soon do some work with the Orin Nano 4G where we need to carry out object detection tasks with as low power as possible to allow the system to run on battery for as long as possible. The system would be used as follows: wake the system, do some AI tasks using video input, put the system back to sleep.

Are there any recommendations for considerations for minimising power requirement of the Orin nano? Ie uninstall all GUI elements, disable any display I/O, use INT8 TRT model, use 5w power mode, remove fan etc. Speed of processing is less important than ensuring the lowest power usage.

How can the orin nano be put to sleep and then woken via IP?

Many thanks,

Please refer to the Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com) to optimize your system.

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