LRO on hairpin queue


Is there any way to make hairpin queue do LRO in connectX-6?

Thank you in advance.

Not sure what’s details of the requirement. there is hw support of LRO checked by "ethtool -k "
And many way make hairpin, link tc, ovs, dpdk etc.

I want DPDK hairpin queue to do LRO without DMA.
I thought that LRO is not only done by HW.

In mlx5 pmd code, mlx5_lro_update_hdr() updated the headers of LROed packets.
So I guessed hairpin queue cannot do LRO for incoming TCP traffic since the packets are not DMAed to host in case of hairpin queue.

I turned on LRO feature on DPDK port, and setup a hairpin queue for that port, but I checked that the outgoing
traffic from hairpin TX queue is not LROed.

So I wonder if there is any way for LRO without DMA.