Mac version of GTX 280?

Any news on a Mac version of GTX 280?

On another note, does anyone have experience with PC-based cards on Mac Pro? Since Mac-based GTX 280 might be months away, I plan to use a PC-based GTX 280 on Windows on my Mac (boot-camped, of course). I’m wondering if it boots up at all with a non-Mac card. Would EFI allows a PC card at boot time?


Maybe you answered this meantime, but as I see no answer here: this all works on an 08 Mac pro with a 260 (216) with windows xp under bootcamp and an 8800GT in the other slot to drive the monitor (and give a display during boot and under Mac OS). I am using an external PSU. no life from 260 from OS X 10.5.6. Will probably switch in a 285 for fun shortly. See no reason why stock 280 would not work in same way. Under XP CUDA recognizes both GPUs.

Is the GTX 280 supported on Mac OSX?

Compiling trivial device check code using Toolbox v2.1, I find no supported devices.

Any ideas?

Because Macs use EFI rather than the normal PC BIOS, graphics cards for PCs do not work in OS X. They need different firmware to be recognized by a Mac. The card should work if you use Bootcamp to boot your Mac into Linux or Windows, however. Bootcamp emulates the PC BIOS sufficiently to allow the card to function properly.


There is some info on that appear to show twin 280s in a hackintosh version of a Mac Pro, running under Snow Leopard and using a PC version of EFI. Not a million miles away from what we want, though it seems to need 10.6, and I do not quite see how it would work on a real Mac Pro (yet)

Looks like there’s good news coming… :thumbup: : NVIDIA prepping GeForce GTX 285 for Mac Pro