Machine reboot on GPU load

Dear Support.

I have GeForce RTX 2080 TI.

I have machine HP Z 820 with 4 PCI.

I was working with single GPU rtx 2080 ti and it was working fine.
Since, I added another GPU same, I am facing a problem. It restarts as soon as the GPU gets load.
GPUs are not bridged and communicating only with PCI.

Please help me.

The driver is 440.31 and cuda 10.2

OS is CentOS 7.6

tensorflow 1.14

Spontaneous reboots point to insufficient/unstable power supply. Replace psu.

Dear Sir,

If you can recommend me for hp z820 as already it is 1100 watt powersupply.

The hp z820 has a model specific psu. Please contact HP support for recommended/available options to reliably run two rtx 2080 ti.