Want to have Quadro power monitors while 2 RTX 2080Ti's do ML, is it possible?

Ubuntu 18.04, Dell 7920 with factory motherboard (“ORN4PJ” according to dmidecode), 415.23 drivers currently. When I have both Quadro and 2080s in, the system won’t boot. When I take out either card, the system boots just fine and nvidia-smi gives expected results. With hindsight I would have ordered different cards but alas this is what I have now. I realize that at best, the Quadro may have e.g. 3D acceleration disabled but I’m fine with that, I just need the monitors for coding and web browsing basically. Is there a way to get both cards to work in my system?

This isn’t a supported config, GeForce is not supported in Precision Workstations.

How are you powering this setup? The 7920 only has three 8 pin PCIE drops and dual 2080Tis would require four.

Ryan Park

Well, I’ve gotten things working with just one RTX 2080Ti, and a colleague has a 7910 powering two 1080Ti’s and has been doing just fine with that setup. So I’m pretty certain there’s not some fundamental incompatibility here. I had one Dell tech support person tell me pretty unequivocally these cards should work for this system, though they aren’t among the default options.

Now you’re right about the number of drops. I’m getting a splitter since that’s what my colleague did, and with a 1400W PSU I don’t think second the card will be underpowered.

So what I really want to know is if I have to replace the P2000 with a comparable GeForce card–and in fact, if so, I’d love to get your input on what I need here: I need to drive to 4K monitors but I don’t really otherwise care about fancy graphics, I’ll just be coding and web-browsing. And ideally this should not need a power cable or else I’d have to do more splitting. Is there a GeForce card that meets this description? A GTX 745?

Or is there a way to make the P2000 work with the RTX 2080Ti’s? I’m probably locked into driver 410.48, as that’s what CUDA 10 wants and I don’t really have the expertise to mess around with that too much.

Alright, so essentially having to eat the cost of a P2000 (and buy a splitter!) I got everything working. Update #2 here lays the rest of the story out.