PC restart itself when compile matlab code about gpu

We have Z820 worksation which have 192GB RAM and RTX2080 TI GPU on it. When I wrote below code PC restart itself

    tempCPU= single(rand(X,X))
    tempGPU= gpuArray(tempCPU)

Would you give me advices? What is wrong with GPU?? I set up cuda drivers

I wrote this code on matlab 2018b I asked question here :
But I couldn’t useful advices:

Probably exceeding the capability of the power supply in that workstation.

Did HP ship you the workstation configured that way with the RTX2080 Ti already in it?

if not, you may have put a GPU in it that the workstation is not designed to handle

Firstly ,Thanks for reply, No we insert RXT2080 Ti on it for implement deep learning applications after five years later that we bought HPZ820. Would you advice us to research correct power supply for HPZ820 ??