Make with subdirectories

I have some C functions inside of a directory in the template folder. The problem is that I cannot get the “make” command to look inside of that directory for the code! the structure is as follows:


What modification should I do to the Makefile in order for this to work?

Well, nobody seems to be interested. But I have found that the problem lies in rules definition within the common/ file, for example:

(OBJDIR)/%.c_o : (SRCDIR)%.c (C_DEPS) (VERBOSE)(CC) (CFLAGS) -o @ -c <

As we see, $(SRCDIR) forces the compiler to search ONLY in the source’s root directory (typically in the projects directory). I am not very experienced with Makefiles but the only workaround that I have found is to set up a new rule in the Makefile specifically for each source file inside of a subdirectory.
I hope somebody finds it useful.