Makefile Problem Using and getting an error

Below is the makefile that I am using to try to compile from cuda project.

The only problem is when I run make the following output occurs:

make: *** No rule to make target obj/x86_64/release/', needed by /usr/local/me/workspaces/executableName/project/release/executableName’. Stop.


EXECUTABLE := executableName

Cuda source files compiled with cudacc


Cuda dependency files


C/C++ source files compiled with gcc / c++

CCFILES := mainProgram.cpp

INCLUDES += -I…/includes -I…/otherIncludes




include /usr/local/me/cudasdk3.0/C/common/[/codebox]

I am assuming I am missing something very simple. I have read other posts and verified that the CUDA libraries are included in PATH and the libraries path.

Any suggestions for what I have done wrong in this makefile?


solved the problem on my own. The mainProgram.cpp was in a different folder than the .cu file. Source directory needed to point to the location of the .cu file not the .cpp