Running Cuda Programs in Ubuntu

Hi, this is my first post , and im a total no0b with ubuntu and just staring out with CUDA… :unsure:

i have been able to get CUDA running on Ubuntu following this guide

the deviceQuerry SDK program works just fine… :)

i was looking around and came across this site…rts_source_code

and im not able to run any of the programs posted there … :wacko:

well wat i did was…i downloaded the “AES on GPU” source code from that site. extracted and just went into the directory using the terminal and used the command “make”

and here are the errors i got

Makefile:6: ../../../common/ No such file or directory

make: *** No rule to make target `../../../common/'.  Stop.

ive tried tinkering a bit with the makefile and still unable to get it to work

could anyone temme wat im doing wrong??.. :P :) :)

Try editing the makefile, include(…/…/…/common/ with include(PATH_TO_YOUR_SDK/C/common/ is from the CUDA SDK. I guess the example you downloaded did not include all the necessary files in the necessary locations.

You can download the CUDA SDK from .

Hope this helps,


Oops, sorry for the duplicate reply… I didn’t see that someone had already posted. :)