Mangled kernel name in nsight compute metrics output

Using the ncu CLI, I am trying to get a few metrics. But the name of the function is demangled in the output. Is there a way to get the output with the mangled names instead (e.g. _Z4HistPiiPfi)? After reading the documentation, I tried the below command, but of not use:

ncu -f --csv --log-file metrics_list --print-units base --kernel-name-base mangled --metrics smsp__warp_issue_stalled_barrier_per_warp_active.pct ./histogram

I want to profile for all the kernels and not give any particular kernel name as input.

To change the name basis in the output, you need to use --print-kernel-base instead of --kernel-name-base. The latter applies to the matched name during collection. The arguments are the same, i.e. mangled, demangled, function.

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