Mating MPN for part#900-13701-0080-000 | Jetson AGX Orin Industrial

When setting up Jetson AGX Orin, the main connector with 699 pins, the Molex Mirror Mezz Connector, does not connect directly to the power supply. Instead, it connects to the carrier board for the Jetson AGX Orin module. The carrier board acts as a bridge between the module and various peripherals, including the power supply.

The only connector port on part#900-13701-0080-000 is a 699-pin Molex connector. Please see the below image.

There is no other port on the module.

Does the customer need a separate carrier board? Does the customer have to purchase that separately? if yes, can you please suggest a part number?

Carrier board of devkit is not for sale separately. You should make a custom board based on the Orin docs in DLC.

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