Matlab GPUCoder example don't run on Jetson TX2


I’v followed the Matlab example gpucoder_lane_detection that describes how to use gpu coder and create a GPU code to use on Jetson TX2.

Following this webinar (found on another thread on this forum)the code seem to be generated correctly. Copying over to Jetson however, and trying to use make, I get on error on line 298: *** missing seperator. Stop.

In the tutorial mentioned scp is used to transfer the files, but I have a Matlab on Windows and I can’t do that directly, so I used a usb drive. Is this possible to cause problems on my files? Has anyone experinced something similar with this example?


Hi nsarantinoudis, my guess is that your USB drive isn’t the source of issue, unless you are also copying over other executable code or symlinks who’s permissions get lost on the NTFS-formatted USB stick. If you want to be sure, you can try using WinSCP to perform the network transfer from Windows.

If the issue persists, I would recommend contacting MathWorks Support as they will be most familiar with their GPU Coder product.