Max numbre of CUDA GPU in a single host

it is true that Nvidia have limit the max number of CUDA GEFORCE GPU for one system at 4?

Thanks in advanced

I dont think so. One of our machines has two GTX295 (dual GPUs) and a GS8400 for display. The total number of CUDA devices is 5. Maybe what you heard refers to QuadSli for grpahics output. The maximum number of Geforce cards you can link together with SLI is 4 (and not all GeForce allow for QuadSli, only the top end models).


I don’t think so. The famous Fastra II system had 13 GPUs, and a number of regular posters on this board have built systems with either three or four GTX295 in them, which gives 6 or 8 CUDA GPUs.

I have a system like Fastra

My system

and i have some problem with new 266 driver in cuda detecting!

Win7 detect correctly all gpu but not all cuda device are avviable

With 263 driver all work fine!!