Max9296 driver splitter mode vs. dual link mode


I’m developing custom driver for two cameras that each contains 4 sensors inside. Each of the two cameras is connected to Jetson AGX Xavier (JetPack 5.0.2) via a GMSL link using max9295 as serializer and max9296 as deserializer (both GMSL ports on the max9296 are used).
Our set up is similar to the one using two imx390 cameras in the Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework guide, and I’ve read the driver code nv_imx390.c/max9295.c/max9296.c

I’d like to clarify:
In the reference max9296 driver, the “splitter” mode is enabled by writing the value 0x23 to the register MAX9296_CTRL0_ADDR (0x10).
Is splitter mode used because in the reference set up the two imx390 sensors are using one shared CSI port A?

According to max9296’s spec, there seems to be also a “dual link” mode. What’s the difference between splitter mode and dual link mode? If we would like to route the output of second camera to another CSI port B, should this MAX9296_CTRL0_ADDR be configured to “dual link” mode?


Suppose like you say. It’s better consult with MAX for detail information.

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