maximum message_count supported for multicast?

i was testing out the example multicast application provided by mellanox in section 7.3 of user manual.pdf.

i want to transfer many GB of data for server to multiple clients. i know the max message size is about 1KB, so i increase the message_count. but when i increase to 20000, there have some error.

mckey: starting client

mckey: joining

mckey: unable to create QP: -1

mckey: failure leaving: -1

test complete

return status -1

and when i set message_count to 10000, it success. i don’t know how to transfer many GB data.

Hello Liu,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Unfortunately we do not provide support for programming related questions on this forum. For inquiries about support for programming help please contact your sales representative.

You can use the sockperf tool to test Multicast throughput. We have an article about working with the tool here:–UDP/TCPLatencyandThroughputBenchmarkingTool-UDPMCThroughput

Thank you

Mellanox Technical Support