Maxine Highlights

NVIDIA Maxine Highlights

Thank you for your interest in NVIDIA Maxine SDKs! Maxine January 2023 release includes exciting updates to help you accelerate your application with NVIDIA technologies.

For more information on Maxine Audio Effects or Video Effect, please visit the NVIDIA GPU Catalog (NGC).

If you are not a developer, would like to try out these features, and have a PC with an NVIDIA RTX GPU, you can download the NVIDIA Broadcast App.

What’s New in Maxine SDKs?

  • All Linux SDKs updated with TensorRT, CUDA 11.8.0, CuDNN 8.6.0

  • All Windows SDKs support TensorRT, CUDA 11.6.1

  • NVIDIA Maxine Audio Effects SDK - v1.3.0

    • Windows and Linux SDKs publicly available on NGC
    • Publicly Availability update on NGC
      • Super-resolution latency improvements
        • Audio Super Resolution latency has improved and is now 50ms
      • Linux Audio Effects SDK file size reduced significantly and is now only 2.6 GB
  • NVIDIA Maxine Video Effects SDK - v0.7.2

    • Windows and Linux SDKs publicly available on NGC
    • Virtual Background latency improvements
      • Significant latency improvements for performance mode on lower end GPUs (GeForce 2060, T4) by 25-30%
      • Significant latency improvements for quality mode on higher end GPUs (NVIDIA RTX 6000, GeForce 4090, A10, A100) by 30-40%
      • 25+ concurrent performance-mode streams and 16+ concurrent quality-mode streams supported on A10, A40

For a walkthrough on Maxine’s latest features, please join us during **GTC**where NVIDIA engineering and product managers will share examples of how you could use Maxine to integrate real-time audio and video effects into your application.
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