MB2, cboot - disable logs

Is there any way of disabling the logs from MB2 and cboot?

According to timestamp in logs, it takes little more than 2 sec to get to u-boot, we want to reduce the boot time by disabling these logs in production environment.

Hi Arun_work,

Besides the boot log, have you tried the method we provided in L4T document? We provide some method for kernel optimization.



Yes, all of the kernel optimizations are done.
I have disabled unused config flags related to File system, Sound, Kmem leak debug etc, reduced the log level, using silent mode. With all these changes boot time reduced considerably.

I have also removed u-boot, enabled initcall debug and going through defconfig to remove any more modules that are getting initialized but they may give savings only in msec.

MB2 and CBoot logs will save us almost 3 sec hence looking for options.

What is the best boot time possible with minimal configuration on TX2?

Hi Arun,

Unfortunately, this one needs to be disabled in cboot and MB1 source and they are not released.

So the elapsed time in bootloader may not be shortened.

Could you share your boot time now and let us check if there is anything can be improved?

Our startup time is around 5-7 sec which is good for us depending on how quickly network comes up. If we add cboot and MB2 time then it is close to 10 sec which is what we are trying to reduce.

You could try to disable this log through “debug.enable_log=0” in tegra186-mb1-bct-misc-si-l4t.cfg.

Please note that this would cause uart gives out no more debug log.


Did anyone try disabling “debug.enable_log” in the .cfg file? @Arun_work did you disable all log printing to HDMI screen? How?