Measure Jetson X2 energy usage during a given task

Folks I’ve processed the output of tegrastats while doing image classification with a visualization algorithm my output looks like:
CPU [1%@2035,0%@2035,0%@2035,0%@2035,0%@2035,0%@2035] BCPU@29C MCPU@29C GPU@26.5C PLL@29C Tboard@24C Tdiode@26.5C PMIC@100C thermal@28.3C VDD_IN 2915/5894 VDD_CPU 383/2632 VDD_GPU 230/229 VDD_SOC 767/939 VDD_WIFI 0/10 VDD_DDR 1108/1516

I’ve found the explanation of the fields here but I couln’t find a way to measure power consumption during a batch computation. I’ve read here it seems to be possible via sysfs:

but I was looking more for something like nvidia-smi --query=gpu-power is it measurable on the jetson?

Hi vfbsilva, the realtime power consumption can be measured using the module’s onboard INA monitors.
Please refer to Section 6.3: Power Measurement Software Usage of the Jetson TX2 Thermal Design Guide for example code of reading the sensors.

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dusty_nv I ve modified the script to read the data from a Jetson Nano, but I wonder how precise are those measurements?