Power Measurement on Jetson TX2

Hello folks,
I wanted to measure the power consumed by the Jetson TX2 board when I run some algorithms on it.
There is no other interface which I have used/ connected. I am just using a stand-alone board.
How can I do that?
I tried looking into /sys/devices/platform/power directory. I see some power related stuff. But I am not exactly sure as to what it does.
Can anyone suggest something?
Any comments or leads would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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Hi, you can refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1000830/jetson-tx2-ina226-power-monitor-with-i2c-interface-/
and this doc: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-tx2-voltage-current-config

Hi @Trumany,

Is there nothing like an easy to understand tutorial / how-to wiki on how to monitor the amps and volts without the need of going to deep into the system theory?

The doc is easy to understand, no need to go deep into system theory.