Measure Power Consumption on Jetson TK1

Hi, what are the methods to measure the power consumption of this board? There is something via software or i must use the oscilloscope?

I would measure the power consumption when i execute some CUDA kernel.

Thx a lot to everyone!

Theres some info here.

Mainly it just involves monitoring the voltage across a resistor.

Thx. But I would use the PMU AS3722, because i don’t have instrumentation! There is some guide ?

Do you have a multimeter?

No, I haven’ t any instrument. I would like do some C code to ask at PMU the consumption. But I don’ t find any guide on it.

I do not believe that the current jetson has the capability to strictly measure how much power the whole system is using. When I get home, i may be able to model you a formula that takes cpu/gpu usage and converts that into watts ( this will be without things connected to the usb.)

Thx a lot.

You can use powertop, from reading online you may need to wait a few days by keeping it running to view the wattage. To install do

sudo apt-get install powertop

or search the package in synaptic

When installed you need to calibrate it by

sudo powertop --calibrate

Also you can get csv or html output with these flags

sudo powertop --csv=output.csv
sudo powertop --html=output.html

Side note. Im using it right now and I will update when I get the wattage usage :)

Hi. Thx for the answer. One question: You use powertop on the Jetson in battery mode or normally?

Just the ac power adapter for now. What battery are you using(if using any)?

No I use ac power adapter too. I can test powertop on Jetson only tomorrow and i would know if It works also with ac power adapter :)

Same here, Im trying to make a low power computer platform, for encryption

I wuold measure the power consumption of some CUDA kernel and do something for make them lower.

You can power the jetson with a laboratory power supply. They are so cheap these days if you don’t already have one, they are nice to have around.

Something like this.

Yeah but this item doesn’ t log in a file. :(

Something here:

You could create a small board with an INA and route the power through that. Then you could use i2c to read the power consumption of the board.

I have used powertop but i don’ t have wattage report, but only usage. I think that works only with battery

Im was running it for 2 days straight on my tegra and my laptop, but essentially I was getting an error

cannot load /var/cache/powertop/saved_results.powertop

so I had to run this

sudo touch /var/cache/powertop/saved_results.powertop
sudo powertop --calibrate

And let it calibrate for a few hours without exiting

Just started running powertop an hour ago, let you know what happens in few days or tomorrow if I’m lucky.

Im afraid you are right, it needs a battery. But I found this article on how to mod a kill-a-watt and make it transmit wireless so you can log it to a computer [url][]

If you dont want to build it, look up tweet-a-watt, idk if can be changed to upload to a computer instead.