Jetson TK1 power consumption


Is there information about power consumption by board and what max DC output on PCIE and expansion port?

Is 12V DC line require for SATA ans FAN only?
Will board work from 5V DC or battery without using SATA and FAN?


+1 I’m also interested in details about power consumption.

Here you can read:

“Tegra K1 power consumption is in the range of 5 Watts for real workloads”

It would be great to read some review with real data about power consumption. Simon Collins, product manager at GE Intelligent Platforms here saying something about sub-10 watts.

If anyone already bought this board and can measure and post power consumption data than I think we would be grateful.

During unboxing it was noted that active cooling was present and the power suply is a 12V, 5A supply (60W).

BSMan: No information is available from NVIDIA about power yet. But you might be able to get answers to some of your questions by looking through the schematics at the following link:

I was wrong, there is a lot more information available from NVIDIA about power now.
The following documents were updated recently and answer some of your questions:

I have independently confirmed NVidia’s power use estimates using a multimeter patched into the DC line. If anything, they are conservative. I never saw the board exceed 12W under the most demanding use. I don’t use SATA or some of the other ports, and some headroom might be required for that.

So unless you are really cooking the CUDA cores, the board is <8W and the chip <5W. When you decide to light a fire under all cores (CUDA smoke particle demo), the board is <12W and the chip <9W.

Hope that helps!