Power consumption without GPU running


I am making a design spec using Jetson TX1. I saw in the datasheet that Jetson TX1 consumes from 6.5W to 15W. I looked at the product design guide as well, to see if I can get some more information on the breakdown of the power consumption, but I couldn’t really find any detailed information on what determines the power consumption for this module.

For me, I really need to make a good estimate of how much power the Jetson TX1 module may consume, so it would be great if there is some information on the breakdown of the power consumption. If no such information exists, or cannot be shared, it would be great if I could at least know the max power consumption of the Jetson TX1 module, without the GPU running, since we don’t plan to use the GPU. Please let me know. Thanks.


Hi kiran,

The detail power consumption of each part depend on many factors, such as application itself, workload, thermal solution, etc., that’s why the doc only mentioned the rough total power consumption. If you want to get precise value of one part of module, you can refer to this doc https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-tx2-voltage-current-config to see how to get the CPU power value when running your application.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your answer, and I can try to run the module and see the power consumption.

I understand that the power consumption is dependent on the application and workload, and I don’t want/need the exact number. What I really would like to have is some estimate about how much of the 16W max power can be attributed to the GPU, so I can get some estimate of the max power consumption of the CPU running alone. Please let me know if any such value can be provided. Some kind of estimate is okay, I don’t need a very accurate number. Thanks.


Hi kiran, the 15W max power is the top limit based on thermal solution of module in sell, it is a total limit and doesn’t care if the power is from CPU or GPU. If your thermal solution is good enough, the power consumption could be more than 15W. So as I commented previously, you could read the detail voltage/current number and calculate the power of VDD_CPU/VDD_GPU with power monitor when running your application.