Measure CPU Power Consumption on Jetson TK1


I’m looking for a way to measure CPU (and eventually GPU and CORE) power consumption at run time. I’ve a clamp meter which I use to measure board-level current. But I don’t see a way to conduct finer-grained power measurement (for example, at SoC level).

I’m using the AC power adapter (instead of a battery), so I don’t think that software tools like ‘powertop’ would work. Are there power consumption sensors at SoC level that can be accessed in some way?


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Hi AugustoVegam
Regarding Jetson TK1 power, you could refer to below link:

You could find the system level power consumption as reference.


AMS AS3722 PMU which is used on Jetson TK1 allows measuring CPU, GPU and CORE currents. Check its driver source to see if there is an easy way to access those values in the PMU registers. Or maybe they are already exposed in the filesystem.

Thanks, cioma. Good point.

I finally found some text files in the file system which (I guess) expose the PMU information. For example, files under directory


seem to correspond to the vdd-cpu rail. And files ‘microvolts’ and ‘microamps’ may have the information that I’m looking for (I need to check this).



I have been trying to find ubuntu’s tool to measure/monitor power consumption but due to some reasons power stat and power top is not working properly. I work on run time power optimizing algorithm, i need run time power monitoring tool. I worked on these tools on laptop and it worked for me. But for TK1, it not giving me required result.

Power is one of the input parameter for my resource optimizing algorithm; therefore, it has to be run time monitoring.

Can you suggest me some solution ?