Voltage and current measurements


I am looking for a way to measure the power consumption of the P2379 platform. I found a similar solution for the Jetson TX1 here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/950341/jetson-tx1/jetson-tx1-ina226-power-monitor-with-i2c-interface-/post/4998393/#4998393

I tried to follow the guide, but it seems that the INA devices are not available. Is it possible to get some similar measurements in the P2379, or any other way to measure power consumption?

PD: In the PX2 block diagram presented in the “Drive PX 2 hands-on” document, a “Voltage monitor/current sense” is connected to the AURIX ANC[47:0] port. Is this port related to power measurements?

Dear Elgo,

DrivePX2 is for Automotive SW development platform.
Jetson embedded board and DrivePX2 are using same SoC but they are different platforms.
BTW can I know why you want to measure the power supply? Thanks.

Hello SteveNV, thanks for your response.

We are interested in obtaining efficiency measurements (e.g. to relate them with the number of computations), and compare it with other platforms. One way would be to measure the wall power, but we were wondering if there is some capability included in the P2379.


Hi Elgo,

The DrivePX2 is for Automotive SW development, the power is consumed around ~80w.
We can’t provide further info than this.