Power Consumption of Carrier Board (TX2)

I want to know the power consumption of the carrier board that comes with the developers kit.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The maximum power consumption is of 15W. If you want to check the actual power consumption of your board you can run the following command [in mW]:

cat /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/0-0041/iio_device/in_power0_input

Source: Jetson TX2 Series Thermal Design Guide

cat /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/0-0041/iio_device/in_power{0,1,2}_input


What is in_power1_input ad in_power2_input?

Oh, I’ve got it from your manual.

cat rail_name_1 explains what is it.

cat /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x/0-0041/iio_device/in_power0_input

What is that mean? Totally power consumption? And how can TX2 measure it?

Hi @burakberzener,
Yes, it is the total power consumption. The TX2 includes INA monitors to measure bus voltage and current. In this case, the INA3221 is used for that. You can check for more specific power consumptions by checking different i2c bus addresses (0x0040, 0x0041) and different channels (0,1,2). You can check the meaning of each bus/channel in the attached URL in my previous comment (section 5.3 Power Measurement Software Usage)

Hi @euskadi,

Thanks for reply, I understood clearly but your source link has error = “File Not Found or Link has Expired”.

Hi @burakberzener,
I updated it, seems the link got corrupted. Thanks!