Mellanox Spectrum SN2201 OOB to external network via uplinks

Hello Nvidia community,

Could you please share your experience and expertise on how you plan to accomplish this task, as demonstrated in the document?

We won’t be utilizing BGP implementation in this scenario, as we don’t require extensive scalability. Instead, we are planning to use the Spectrum SN2201 switch to connect to the external network. From the external network, we will employ point-to-point static routing, connecting it to the two uplinks of the SN2201 switch, each with its corresponding VLAN. Then In total, we have four VLANs. Is it necessary to assign an IP address and VLAN to the InfiniBand network, as shown in the above-mentioned document? What is the purpose of the IP address assignment in this context?

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Hi Shakhizat,

Joey here from the support team. I understand that you would like to re-design the standard proposal of DGX BasePod, I would suggest you reach out to your local SA or account team for discussion, your request is out of the scope of technical support. If you don’t know anyone from Nvidia, you can tell me what you are located and I can search for someone internally to help you with your request. thanks.

Hi @joeyyang Thank you for your prompt reply. I have already raised a case with Nvidia’s GCS team. I am just looking to hear other opinions on this issue. Perhaps someone can share their lessons learned from a similar experience.