Hello Nvidia community,

Could you please explain the connection shown in the https://docs.nvidia.com/dgx-basepod-deployment-guide-dgx-a100.pdf document?

  1. There are two orange connections, one of which is labeled as the LOM port. Am I right by saying that one is serial cable, other one is Ethernet based?

  2. Is it possible to implement the connection without using the BGP protocol? If so, how would you achieve this? For instance, I am considering connecting the external network to the SN2201 using SVI interfaces and using different VLANs.

  3. Has anyone here had experience working with DDN storage, particularly with the Lustre parallel file system?

I would greatly appreciate any best practices and lessons learned from your experience.

Thanks in advance!

Good question. I don’t belong to the PS team but some experience I have servicing super PoD. Below are the answers of your questions:

  1. LOM is the 1G ethernet in the DGXA100 server. The port can be used to in-band management or other management purpose.
  2. Most deployments depend on the field routing design of customer’s site. OSPF or BGP are good ideas to notify the routing segments
  3. DDN connects to the DGX server via the storage NICs
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