Memory traffic for ~/Downloads/argus/build/samples/gstVideoEncode

Hi Folks,

I would like to understand memory traffic for the argus example gstVideoEncode. This example, seem to encode from camera and preview at the same time.

I would like to understand life cycle of input frame buffer. My am wondering whether a video frame (as captured from camera ) is read out (from memory ) two times (once by MSENC/encoder and another time by PreviewConsumer ) ? Whether there is an on chip chache which can buffer the input frame buffer such that the frame is fetched only once by the two consumers of that frame ?


Hi dumbogeorge
The ISP can output multi resolution to the consumer. Like consumer can get two different resolution for preview and video encoder. That’s HW process wouldn’t take much system loading.

Thanks ShaneCCC. SO it seems that Encoder and PreviewConsumer will read their copies of frame independently. Yes I feel that should not be too much of load on system. Just curious, will they read independently even if their resolutions, fps, pixel format are same ?


Yes, event the resolution/pixel format are the same.