Video Encoding Decoding Capability

Hi !

We just purchased the AGX Javier, I can see is that its encoder supports 2 ways 4kp60 plus 12bit, the bandwidth is much better than TX2.

But is there anybody knows the video encoding and decoding capability, such as profile level it supports ?

Thank you very much !

Hi zhoub,

Please find below document for details of software feature in Xavier BSP:



We documented the capabilities using GStreamer modules here:

Excellent ! Thanks !

Hi emmanuel.madrigal,

Do you have some numbers regarding combined decoding and encoding. I’m interested in maximum number of simultaneous GStreamer sessions that resemble the following:

! ! … ! !

The results you sent refer to decoding only (first table) and encoding only (second table). Or am I wrong?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m experiencing a limit of 8 simultaneous GStreamer sessions that do both decoding and encoding on my Xavier. After adding the 9th session, the CPU usage jumps (from 30% to ~85%) and Xavier reboots shortly after.

Hi 9cvele3,

Sorry, we don’t have numbers for simultaneous encoding/decoding. But it seems that the limit might be at 8 streams as you are reporting.

cvetkovicdusan, did you find out the reason for this? i am observing the same behavior, especially in 15W mode.