Memory usage increases overtime

I have an application developed for Vulcan. When running on Windows the memory usage is constant. On Unix, the application’s memory goes up quickly (a few gigs within the first 30s). I tried to find out where the leak is coming from but to no available.

I’ve added my custom memory allocator to see if all the allocated memory is regularly freed and on Windows it is the case, however on Linux it increases, but only a few MBs not GBs as I can see it in the system monitor). I tried to use Valgrind to check from where the leak is coming from but it doesn’t work for some reasons.

I’m using the latest versions of the NVidia driver (367.18 and the 1.0.13 of Vulkan SDK).

What else could I do to find out from where this leak is coming from?

What are the exact OS versions you are on?

What GPU are you using?

Would you be able to provide Windows and Linux binaries so we can take a look?

Sorry for the late answer, looks like I did not get notified from the new post. I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 with the 367.18 Nvidia driver. My graphics card is a GTX 660.

I can provide binaries that exhibit the problem, since it is rather large, please let me know where I can drop it.

Also, when I run my application, the whole UI becomes unresponsive each time I try to use the mouse, which I figured was a side effect of the memory usage.

Just saw there was a new Linux driver 367.27 and I’m happy to report that the leak is gone and that the UI is more responsive than before but not quite as much as I would expect. Especially comparing when the same app is compiled to use OpenGL instead of Vulkan.