-Minfo=inline not reporting success or failure

We are having difficulty getting some subroutines to inline properly in a large code, although they do in a shorter test code. There seems to be a bit of weirdness with the -Minline option. For example, switching the case of the routine names (to the wrong case) sometimes helps. But in general, we are not able to get -Minfo to report either success or failure in our large code.

In this test code, -Minfo=inline will report if the routine inlines. If it does not, it is silent. In other test codes, the compiler will actually give a reason for failure as well. In our large code it is always silent. Using it in conjuntion with -Minline="" seems to be most verbose (although we do need arguments to Minline).

The documentation is very minimal on this topic (Chapter 4 of the CUG), as might be reasonable if the defaults did what is expected. In this case we remain in search of the magic options that will tell us what has happened to our specific inline routine command.

I would be happy to supply the large code (the MFIX community code) as the problem can be demonstrated on specific subroutine calls.