MiniPCIe LTE Module

Hello all,

I’m trying to have LTE/other cellular connection on my TX2. I’ve scoured the forums to see if there’s any recommended solutions and have come up short-handed.

Specifically, I’m looking for a miniPCIe option (preferable to USB for reliability).

I came across this post that says both miniPCIe and USB should be fine for the TK1, but I couldn’t find anything about the TX1/2 specifically.

The two boards I’m considering are the:

Any ideas if there would be any issues interfacing either of these boards with the TX2 (well actually, the TX2i)? Thanks for all your help!

Note that the Jetson TX2 devkit has an M.2 slot (Key-E), not mini-PCIe. But if you were using a carrier with mini-PCIe, then conceivably it could work. Although I am not familiar with the status of the Linux drivers for those devices.

Great – this is the type of carrier board I was thinking of using.