Mint Linux GTX460, 340.58, adaptive fan fails to keep gpu reasonably cool

The fan (min 40%) only starts to rise after 60’c, at around 69’c it is merely 50-52%. This card CANNOT handle temperatures much higher than that, the gpu WILL be damaged. My brothers gpu(same type) had failed from just before 80’c.

Setting the fan to a set percentage manually or underclocking is not really a solution to this. (nvidia-bug-report)

Not sure where you get those 80s,
Look at this:
(Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C) 104 C)

Stress the card and see if the fan goes any higher but the speed depends on the fan profile set in its BIOS by the vendor.

you come stress it, or can you warrant a replacement?

so like I said in my first post, same gpu type from same manufacturer failed at 80’c. I also state that the fan does increase, but pathetically. Stress my gpu? FOR WHAT?!

Reason to stress the card while watching the temperature was to check if the fan works correctly or not, if it raises and keeps the temps in specified limits. If your previous card failed how do you know its because of temperature and not something else? (ESD, or some other damage to the card)

As stated stock nVidia GTX 460 has 104C as maxtemp, go check the manufacturer website for your specific card but i hardly believe its 80 C and if it reaches it it just dies.

Hardware throttle when they reach a maximum temperature point and that also contains a safety margin.

In the end do what you want, I just gave you what I would do.