Missing functions in cuSOLVER

In 8.0.27 (Win64) there seem to be some functions declared in the headers of cuSOLVER that cause an unresolved reference when trying to use them:


They indeed appear in the header, but according to a
dumpbin /EXPORTS …
they are not exported by the DLL.

I assume that this is part of the “RC” nature of 8.0.27, but wanted to point it out.
(I haven’t yet checked the other solvers, this only refers to the Dn part)

Thanks for your report. I’ve filed a bug internally at NVIDIA to investigate.

(It may not be worth opening a new thread for this: )

In the driver API, the function


seems to be missing. It’s in the header+docs, but not in the dumpbin /EXPORTS cuda.lib

This will be a function of the actual cuda library (cuda.lib, or libcuda.so) which is installed by the GPU driver, not the CUDA toolkit.

Which driver version and platform were you testing with?

It’s Windows 8.1. I installed 8.0.27. During the first install pass it hung up, but with a second attempt, everything seemed to work, and now the NVIDIA control panel reports driver version 362.84
(I’ll have to look up whether this is supposed to be the “right” one).

To make it clearer:

dumpbin /EXPORTS cuda.lib

lists the exported functions, and this already DOES contain the new functions like “cuMemAdvise” which have been introduced in 8.0.x. But it does NOT list “cuDeviceGetP2PAttribute”.

(Wild guess: The cuDeviceGetP2PAttribute function is plainly missing __declspec(dllexport) !?)

The same set of functions is still missing in 8.0.44