[MMAPI] How to modify 06_jpeg_decode to test hardware jpeg decoder performance

We want to decode one jpeg stream by using hardware jpeg decoder (600MPixel/sec).

The 06_jpeg_decode sample code only decode one jpeg file and then exit. We tried to modify the code to decode jpeg stream but could not find any clue to modify the code.

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I reviewed the 00_video_decode sample code.

It reads H264/H265 encoded data then feed to decode, to converter.

But still could not find any clues.

The MMAPI is hard to me, I really can not find any documents referred to how to use.

Hi Jonas19830601,
Please check the source code of NvJpegEncoder.cpp


And header files in


Hi DaneLLL,

I modified the attached files to decode jpeg file twice, but failure.

The error message is “libv4l2_nvvidconv (0):(1897) (ERROR) : While enqueuing on output Q”.

Please help to check the problems, Thanks a lot.
jpeg_decode.h (2 KB)
jpeg_decode_main.cpp (9.13 KB)

jpeg_decode_main_bak.cpp (8.08 KB)

Hi DaneLLL,

I just want to decode one jpeg stream.

Hi Jonas19830601,
Your code is not right. Please refer to attachment.

jpeg_decode_main - Copy.cpp (10.3 KB)

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Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your help and solve it following you sample code.