Modal Window while keeping the mouse interaction

I would like to know how to create a window that always apears in front of the viewport (like the modal in documentation) but, that doesn’t forbid userto click outside of that window. I have an overlay inside the viewport of UI elements, if I go to fullscreen mode, this particular pop up window doesnt show up (it’s behind viewport, when viewport is full screen). Basically I want to make this popup apears in front of the viewport, even if ít’s in fullscreen.

FWIW, a modal dialog is specifically a popup that blocks clicks outside. If you want a popup that allows clicks and specifically working in fullscreen mode, maybe the Notification Manager or omni.ui.scene widgets.

SInce Isaac doesn’t support sc widgets, I’m trying to circumvent this by using windows, but keeping them in from of the viewport. I’ll take a look at Notification Manager thank you.

I’m using isaac 2022.1.0 . What I mean is that bug when a scwidget apears in inside isaac viewport, the mouse stops working.

Yes, you’re right. I remember the issue after I asked. :)

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