Model Architecture

How to get the architecture of the nvidia pretrained model? I am specifically looking for the architecture of action recognition model

Hello @aksinghsubscriptions !

Can you be a bit more specific with respect to which area of Machine Learning or Deep Learning model you are looking for, so we can better suggest the correct AI category for your question?

From Action Recognition model alone it is a bit difficult to deduct the topic. Is this about Isaac Robotics AI or rather related to one of our Jetson SDKs or the DeepStream SDK for IVA?

If you don’t know the specifics, then the Deep Learning (Training & Inference) category would also be a good starting place.

In general if we have a public SDK which contains example training models, then you should be able to extract the model architecture from the sample source code. On the other hand if we only provide inference examples, there should be mention on how the model was trained, listing likely external, public datasets and most often openly available training models like ResNet and derivatives for object detection etc.

Thanks for helping to narrow this down!