Modify the GPU shader clock on the fly

Just noticed that some software like RivaTuner can change the GPU shader clock. So there must be some interface in device driver or register in GPU to do the work.
My question is whether this kind of interface/register definition officially supported by nVidia and available to CUDA developer?

CUDA does not expose this functionality, however NVAPI does expose functionality which I believe would do what you want…

Note: You’ll have to sign an NDA (which most certainly requires registered developer status, etc) to get the control required for changing the various clock speeds.

And from my experience, they don’t accept individuals into the registered developer program - I’ve tried applying approximately 3 times now, without so much as a ‘thanks for your application’, let alone being accepted. I can only assume it’s purely a corporate scheme… or maybe nVidia just don’t like me. ;)

This seems exactly what I want. But after trying the publicly available verion of this NVAPI, I find that to retrieve the GPU temperature is possible.

To get information about any clock (gpu, memory, shader) or change value of them is not supported, just as what you described.

Not good, I am also individual.