ModuleNotFound importing python kit modules into connectorsample

I would like to write some standalone utilities that use omniverse functionality from things like kit and issac, things that are not explicitly mentioned in the connect sample documentation.
(Connect Sample — connect latest documentation)

It doesn’t seem like it should be an issue as there is a facility for installing most any other module using pip - which I have used successfuly on things like zeromq.
(Overview — omni.kit.pipapi 105.2 documentation)

However when I add a reference to something like “omni.kit.commands” to use functionality that I developed in Code, I get a python “ModuleNotFound” import error. I have tried augmented the syspath with everthing that Code was using, but that didn’t fix the problem, there were DLLS that could not get found. Doing something similar with the Windows path didn’t fix that.

So is it simply not possible? And why exactly? Seems like it would be a very useful thing.


  • Install Omniverse Connector 202.0.0 (or 201.0.0)
  • Run the PyHelloWorld sample (or any sample) - it should work
  • Add a statement “include omni.kit.commands”
  • Run it again and it will terminate with the python “ModuleNotFound” import error

Hi @mwise1. Connectors are typically intended to be developed as a plugin within another app or as standalone apps. Kit is not included with the sample and the Kit extensions require Kit to work.

I think you probably want to just create a Kit app and use the omni.client library and perhaps the omni.kit.usd.layers extension to perform the OmniLive functionality.