Omniverse Code with PyCharm

Hello, did anyone try using PyCharm to write extensions with Omniverse Code ? I tried point the python interpreter to the python executable in the linked app directory but PyCharm still can’t resolve any omniverse kit imports.

Thank you

Ok I just figured it out. For anyone who is also trying to use PyCharm to create Omniverse extensions/apps, first open the settings.json file under .vscode and take note of the paths in “python.analysis.extraPaths” swich should have been automatically created by Omniverse Code when creating the new extension. Next, you need to go under Project Settings → Project Structure and mark all the directories I mentioned previously as “Sources”.

@anthony.yaghi That’s great that you’ve figured it out. We’re focusing our efforts on VSCode currently. You’re not the first PyCharm enthusiast that has asked though. If you had time to make a blog post about this, I’m sure others in the community would be grateful. :)

This is an old post. But FYI, I did some work on this that may be useful.

leith-bartrich/kit-exts-fie-pypathextract: Used to extract a useful set of extension directories for populating PYTHONPATH in some development scenarios. (

I’m able to get full code completion in PyCharm this way.

Debugging doesn’t work just yet. At least on windows. I found a bug or two in PyCharm’s debugger and can get the debugger to connect now. But I cannot get a breakpoint to trigger. But perhaps soon? Dunno.

Thanks @brad_f. I encourage you or @anthony.yaghi to create a guide to share if you have some time. :)