Using OmniKitHelper from IsaacSim

If I try to do “import omni.kit.python_app” to use the helper in the script editor I get an error. Then, I’ve tried to enable the python_app extension from isaac_sim but it seems that is not possible (isaac.kit.loop launching error). I wanted to use the full IsaacSim environment (i.e. with all the extensions enabled like animation, components tree, layers etc) but at the same time using the capabilities of the helper thus using for example kit.update(). Is it possible?

This is not possible, When running the UI application the update loop is automatically called so the UI remains responsive. python_app runs a full omniverse application and provides you control of the update loop. You run these via directly. You can enable additional extensions by default in apps/omni.isaac.sim.python.kit so they start automatically when a omnikithelper object starts.

Another option is to use asyncio along with await in your async function to wait for a frame to finish. This will work in the script editor.

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