Setup Pycharm to work with Isaac Sim - Solution

Greetings to all,

This is my first post, so I apologize in advance if you do not follow all the rules, but I just wanted to share my solution with using the Isaac Sim with PyCharm, which includes auto complete, ect.

I am using PyCharm version 2022.2 (Proffesional Edition) on Windows 10
Since I am more comfortable using it, then VS Code, I found a way to use these two.

NOTE: I am also using Anaconda virtual env, but that is not mandatory.


1.1 (optional) Create/Choose virtual environment that you want to use
1.2 (optional) if using virtual environment edit python.bat inside isaac-gym folder, so that PYTHONEXE now points to virtual env executable
2. Go to File->Settings->Project Interpreter in the drop down menu select Show All and find your interpreter.
3. Edit interpreter and set python executable to previously edited python.bat file. Wait for PyCharm to finish indexing and you are good to go.

Now you can run simulation from python using simple RUN (Shift + F10) command directly in PyCharm .

I hope this helps anyone who wanted to use PyCharm with Isaac Sim.


Thanks for the tip.
I’m using Anaconda virtual env on Ububtu and step 1.2 is unclear to me - which “python.bat inside isaac-gym folder” do you mean?