MPI problem with PGI CDK in cluster environment

Hi everybody,

I’ve set up a cluster with 5 nodes. First one is the master node, and after it there are 4 slaves.

after compiling the example program:
pgf77 -o mpihello mpihello.f -lfmpich -lmpich

I have as response:
PGFTN-0017-Unable to open include file: mpi.h (mpihello.f : 2)
0 inform 0 warning 1 servers 0 total for mpihello
PGFTN/x86-64 Linux 10.5-0: Compilation completed with server errors

Has anyone seen this problem before? I think it should be related to an incorrect installation in the rest of the nodes, but I cannot find what I did wrong. Any diag tool I could use to better understand what’s going on?

Thanks in advance…

Hi rough2009,

pgf77 doesn’t know where your MPI include files are. You’ll need to either add the include path to the compile line (i.e. -Ifull/path/to/mpich/include/dir), use the “mpif77” warpper script, or add the flag “-Mmpi=mpich”. The last option is the easiest but only work with the MPI libraries that ship with the PGI compilers.

Hope this helps,