[mpich2] compile problem

i have the problem, compiling

i try -Mmpi=mpich1 in compile option, and good running,
but when i try “-Mmpi=mpich2”,
i have the message that there is not ‘mpif.h’ headerfile.
is there anything wrong?

i think
when i installed mpich2, i do not consider configure option…

When i do this, you think it will work?

Hi ghyun1,

Do you know which PGI product you have? A pre-built MPICH1 comes with all Linux products but MPICH2 only ships with our CDK product.

When i do this, you think it will work?

You can use your own MPICH2 build however, the “-Mmpi=mpich2” is only available for use with the pre-built version. Hence, you will need to either use the mpif90 script, or manually add the MPICH2 include and library directories to your compile and link lines.

  • Mat