Multimedia Sharing Tool, a Jetson Nano project

I want to share with you a project made with the Jetson Nano board for an exam of High performance computing, at UniMoRe (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).

The main goal of the project is: to share video, screen, camera and audio with an RTSP stream through Lan or Wan supporting CUDA computations in a High Performance embedded environment (Nvidia Jetson Nano), applying real-time AI techiques of Intrusion Detection with bounding boxes localization and frames manipulations.

The Nano was capable to capture frames, apply filters, encode, make inference and stream them at 5 to 10 fps, enough to detect someone passing in front of the camera.
For detection it was used a model based on the coco ssd mobilenet v2.

Here is a video demonstration of the application.

More details about the libraries used as well as the code and the setup instructions can be found inside the github repository:

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